Divided Skies - Digital Only

Divided Skies - Digital Only



Recorded at: Havnelageret studio (Bergen, Norway), SnekkerbodStudio (Oslo, Norway)

Recorded and mixed at: Badminton Bay Studio (Hadeland, Norway)

Produced and arranged by Camille Davila, Jeron Gundersen and Jonas Lie Theis

Additional production and mix by Jonas Raabe

Guitars: HP Gundersen, Jeron Gundersen, Camille Davila

Drums: Mette Mathiesen, Jeron Gundersen

Bass: Daniel Birkeland

Keyboards/Synths: Camille Davila, Jonas Lie Theis, Jeron Gundersen, Jonas Raabe

Vocals: Camille Davila, Jeron Gundersen, Jonas Raabe, Daniel Jørgensen

Trumpet: Audun Waage

All songs written by Camille Davila

Artwork designed by Edward and Alfie Maddison

Photography by Krystof Andres


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